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Happify Your Life

Dinma Nwobi Writes:

On Sunday, the world will be celebrating International Day of Happiness.

Why happiness?

Happiness is the new flourishing.

Yes, you read right.

Happiness is the new flourishing.

In a world where everything seems to be conspiring to drive you nuts.

In a world where everything seeks to remind you of your failures and inadequacies.

Happiness is the new flourishing.

You will agree with me that our wellbeing is being bastardized daily.

From home, workplace, government, and even our communities, our inner peace is threatened daily. We can no longer afford to allow negative emotions to rule our minds.

I have been on this journey of studying and living out what makes humans flourish and enjoy their own kind of ‘happy’ for years.

In our family,

Raising other happy families is part of our mission statement and we have been doing it in our unique way until Sept 12, 2021, when I heard in my spirit,

“Write a book - the title shall be ‘Happify Your Life’ and teach Nigerians how to make happiness a lifestyle, that is what we need now.”

That inspiration grew into an Experience beyond just a book.

With Happify Your Life Experience, You get

🎯 A book containing the science of happiness and human flourishing in simple language with practical positive interventions to make it your lifestyle.

🎯 A Journal that helps you to reflect on these lifestyle rituals, routines and reminders that optimize your mental and emotional wellbeing and happiness.

🎯 The community where you enjoy monthly coaching from certified Applied Positive Psychology coaches and share courage, connection and compassion with other likeminded people.

We are set to launch the experience on March 20th with a virtual party. 

Great speakers like Praise Fowowe, Usar Innocent, Victor Ekpo Bassey, Eyitayo Iyortim, Wendy Ologe will be there to share how positive emotions impact our lives in different dimensions of life.

You want to be there because you need to hack the skills for more flourishing.

The launch party is FREE but you’ve got to register.

Share the link with everyone you love.

We will be exploring topics like

👉🏽 Positive Emotions and Mental Wellbeing.

👉🏽 Positive Emotions and Wealth Acceleration

👉🏽 Positive Emotions and Out of the Box Thinking

👉🏽 Positive Emotions and Intentional Parenting

👉🏽 Positive Emotions and Peak Performance.

Register today to hack the science of happiness for all that matters to you.

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