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So I did say I got me some fake lashes that looks quite natural. Well, it's over a week now, and I'm still rocking it. Though truthfully, I am tired. There are times I want to scratch my lids, and I can't to my satisfaction. They are supposed to fall off on their own. It's over a week now, and they don't want to fall off. I will find out about lashes remover. There should be something like that.

Yesterday and Yester-Years.

This is a 3 in one post.

Me posing above, in school two years ago with the very first gown I ever purchased with my money.
The school that I try not to regret that I attended. Two years after, no results. Stupid.

What I love most about my face are my eyes, and I love to make them up.
Last Week Friday, I almost freaked out. I went to the salon and decided it was time for a new look. I got out of hair extensions, so my hair can breathe. Fixed eye lashes for the first time!

I was so scared. The first thing that jolted me when we began was the girl screaming at me. 'Dont Blink!'

Imagine seing something coming at your eyes and you are told not to blink! At the end, I had tears falling from both eyes. The lashes were beautiful and so real, worth the stress, but my eyes were red, and someone told me sorry later, thinking I had apolo.
Since my lashes, I imagine that everytime I pass by, people are staring at my eyes and wondering. Oh sexy!

Yesterday I Had Fun!
I don’t drink. But on…

Birthday Parties and Rice

I was home over the weekend to spend time with my folks and siblings, since I’ve not seen them in a while.

Later in the day, I was going through my picture box when I saw the above picture that inspired this post, about birthday parties and rice.

As a child, I attended enough birthday parties where a birthday cake was absent. In place of the cake is salivating jollof rice, dished onto a tray, dressed with onions, tomatoes and lots of meat. On both sides of the tray are soft drinks.

Then the celebrant and the well wishers, stand behind the tray of rice on the table, and pose for pictures, with the celebrant holding onto the spoon on top of the rice hill.

After the pictures, the adults stand and watch us children eat the birthday rice together. And I don’t remember having up to three spoons, because the rice gets finished in a second. Another tray is brought, and same thing happens, because there are stronger hands with wider mouths, who swallow rice instead of chew, thus their spoons make …

Warri Means More

And one other thing, you know back in the days, parents named their children according to circumstances in their lives.

My great great-grandfather, Owowo was a known warrior who killed lots of people at war. One day he went to war. After causing lots of spoils, he was surrounded by the enemies. They were all shouting in our language that he should be surrounded because Owowo knew how to disappear. Surround him in my languaue is ‘wadeware’.
So, Owowo was surrounded and just as he was about to be captured, he disappeared.

On getting home, he learnt that his wife had put to bed a baby boy. So he named him edeware – meaning ‘to surround’. A war memory becomes his son’s name.

After another war, people were describing Owowo’s killing acts and said he killed so much that blood was flowing like ‘ekere’ – meaning a ‘stream of water’.

This man went home to meet a new born son, and named him ‘ekere’. Another war memory.

Ekere, my great grandfather, grew up to have, I don’t know how many wives. But his…

Wow! Is It Really Warri!

The break was so much worth it.
I went out of Lagos to a place I have always called forsaken, Warri, for four days!
The reason I agreed to attend the marriage ceremony wasn’t really because the bride was a friend – she is a friend of a friend – it was because I wanted a change of environment, and wanted to keep my friend company.

Leaving Lagos, I knew what to expect. Bad road from Ondo all the way through Benin, and I wasn’t wrong.

One of the high points of the first leg of the journey was almost spoilt by the driver of the Expert, who drove into the park of Sizzlers for us to eat.

“Hey!” I went. “Sizzlers no dey sell starch and banga soup oh!”
The guy by my side was like; “Oga abeg carry us go Ofosu where we fit get some native food. One of the things we enjoy about traveling is eating our native food.” Then he told me most times, on his way back to Lagos, he buys food in a take away plate for his wife.
My friend added her voice while the remaining five passengers said nothing. The driver, …

Just Asking

I went to my profile for lack of what to do, after singing Daddy Showkey on Diary of a G. Beneath is 'Delete Blog'. if I click on it, will it ask 'are u sure u want to delete' or it will just delete. I feel like trying it.

My Bit Of Remembrance

….and she died. It is one event in my life, I will never forget.

I believe I don’t like looking back because there are memories that I would rather want to suppress. I think that is the reason why I find it difficult to remember some names and people when they come up in conversation, or I get to meet them. At a point, I pretend to remember and go ‘okay, yes. I remember.’ Then when I am told of something that happened, I quickly nod my head so there will be peace.

Some memories from secondary school can NEVER be forgotten. The first is the death of my cousin’s school daughter – we were in the same dormitory. The second is my sixteenth birthday, cos I almost lost my life. Kidding.

Anglican Girls Grammer School Ughelli, was fun after school hours, because we run relays everyday. Immediately after lunch or during dinner or prep or even when we are sleeping, someone might scream, ‘BOYS’ and the race begins because on girl wants to be caught by the BOYS. Who knows what they will do.

Behind th…