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Who Is He

From afar, when I noticed the crowd, and the open car booth, I shivered. Please not a human head.

My yesterday was eventful. I had to enter a part of Eko I have never heard of.

Igbosere road is behind the Lagos High Court that is on Tafa Balewa Square road. Something like that. My mission there was to meet a printer yesterday morning, then we had to proceed to his operator’s house.

I was busy looking around everywhere. I saw a sign that said that road is Cow Lane, saw another that is Rasak Okoya lane and I derided myself thinking maybe that is where Chief Rasak Okoya and his popular bride, Folasade reside. That was foolish thinking.

I did admit though that I was in the real Eko, not this extension of Opebi or Satellite Town that I shuttle between. Then I remembered Sefi Atta and I remembered her book Everything Good Will Come, and I imagined some of her portrayal of Eko in her book, might be what I saw, since I wasn’t born in the era she framed that award winning book.

That place I went t…


By the time Saturday August the 16th started, I was tired. Marriage is not easy o, the stress before the D-day is hell, then on the day, even with all the excitement, you just can’t wait for it to be finally over so that you can start a new life with your husband.

It began with the family morning devotion that was interrupted because the taxi that came to pick up the makeup artist to go home and change, kept blasting its horn as though announcing the second coming of Christ. The maid of honour had to take the first flight from Lagos and was early, but she forgot her second attire. Not the one for the first event though.

Then, everyone (the house was full of friends and relations who haven’t seen in a long time and who took wherever they found to lay their heads for the night, thankfully.) started working. Most of the women in the family – aunties and in-laws- were behind the house cooking, and I promised myself I will eat the Owo soup and Starch later – but that day and with everything…

My Gambia Experience

I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in The Gambia, until I had no choice, but to be interested because at the moment that is where my heart lies. No! Not with the country.
Having a new found interest in The Gambia, made me open my map of Africa, then focus on the West Africa country that is smaller than my beloveth Lagos. Before going, The Cave Man had tried to impress me about the place and how much I will fall in love with The Gambia and the peace and quiet. I didn’t believe it of course. Lagos and I are still enjoying our transgressions.

One friend told me that the place is a great tourist attraction and that the country makes a lot of revenue from tourism. I visited their website and saw that much. The website also made me understand that certain things couldn’t be purchased there, so you have to come prepared.

The Gambians are very dark in complexion compared to us, but they appear very peaceful and the place is peaceful. So peaceful to the extent that it’s kind of boring when …