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What’s a Life Worth

The dialogue below is once upon a chat with my brother, on yahoo messenger, last year.

Me: how far?

Brother: was attacked by armed robbers on my way home on Thursday

Me: hmmm. Ur phone again? (I asked this because my brother is so glued to his phone. He lost it one night when someone just reached into the car he was sitting in, in traffic, collected the phone while he was trying to place a call, and robber disappeared. My brother saved and bought same phone again).

Brother: u won't believe they shot the driver and the passenger beside me

Me: what happened gist me

Brother: I took a bus from Orile. It was late and bus was scarce. I closed late from work.

Me: did u lose ur phone

Brother: so at Alakija some boys entered

Brother: they told the driver to stop the bus at Finiger bus stop (that bus-stop on Badagry express is one dangerous place that no bus ever stops there once it's 6pm).

Brother: but the driver refused so they shot him when he was on speed

Brother: so the bus swayed from one si…

A Display Of Love

It was a Monday night and my friend O was at the wheel. We hadn't seen in a short while so I was spending two days with her at Lekki before I left Lagos for Jos. To avoid the mad traffic on Lekki express, we entered Lekki Phase 1 and was soon trying to connect the express. There was a short traffic leading to the express. Suddenly, the Nisan Black Jeep beside us made to enter our front. O didn't let her because the Nissan's lane was moving, faster than ours, and O didn't want the young girl at the wheel of the Nissan to frustrate her own movement. When we moved past the Nissan Jeep, the two girls in the ride looked at us and we at them. Then I noticed her plate numbers 'JESUS LOVE'. I said wow. Almost immediately, we nicknamed her Jesus Love.
A few distance to the roundabout, Jesus Love went past us cause her lane was faster and she entered our front and got on the express and back to her lane. We laughed at the way she went past us, like she was proving to us t…