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The bus I travelled with last week on my way to Delta, stopped at Ore, their normal stop point for feeding when they are plying the Lagos Benin road. We all alighted from the bus and the driver locked up, each one of us fourteen passengers, parading and buying anything of interest. When we were ready to continue on our journey, we discovered that three passengers were missing. Three of them sat together at the back of the bus and were travelling together. We searched the place, sat and waited for another one hour, but they did not appear. A passenger noticed that a box they carried which was in front of them, wasn’t in the bus, meaning when we all got off the bus, they alighted with the box.

Another passenger said one of the three passengers- a guy, a talkative woman and a lady in her twenties- had said initially that when we arrived Ore, they would alight and return to Lagos, because the person they were going to see in Warri was on his way to Lagos. We all had our opinions, we though…


It was Saturday and I felt I needed to go to the hospital for checkup, because I had some serious pains in a breast, and while I had to be positive it was nothing, some negative thoughts of breast cancer kept rearing its ugly head.

Anyway, I went and saw the doctor and after examination said no big deal that it’s probably pain due to cold. He said I should ignore the thought of cancer, that I am too young for it, unless it runs in my family or I am a mother and not breastfeeding. None of the above so he asked if I had ulcer and prescribed my drugs, which I bought from the hospital pharmacy and home I went.

Back home, I was furious. Looking at the drugs, I realised I had all of them at home., folic acid, vitamin c and that little red iron caplet (which I don’t have). I complained of pains and the guy packed me full of multivitamins?

Anyway, my friend and neighbour was a bit down so she went to the pharmacy to get a malaria dose. Because I had plenty multivitamins, I gave her the ones…