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Am I Vain

One of those wears that I am crazy about.

At Busola Elegbede's Book Launch


YPI (Most of Us)


The War In The Sky

This write up was first published in National Mirror.

The War in The Sky
by Uzezi Ekere

Over the years, historical events have served as great inspirations towards the making of masterpiece works of literature that did more than just entertain, but helped in educating people, and even opted them to do more research on the topic, just to know more. In 2006, a fiction work on the Biafran war, Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie, brought back the war into discussion, and some young people who had no idea of it, had to try to understand more. February 22 saw the birth of another work of literature, where the sun and the moon had to take centre stage as the main acts in a poetic work of drama titled The War in the Sky. The formal presentation of the 35 paged book saw a gathering that cut across the literature circle, into other fields, as people came to find out what Busola Elegbede, the author, had to offer. As it appeared, it was a lot that came in a small package. Making this discov…


This write up was first published in National Mirror

by Uzezi Ekere

It is surprising that in a country where the culture of reading has been described as dead; people still have mountains of hope as they keep saying that our literature is growing.
“I think that our literature is growing,” Prof. Akachi Ezeigbo said. “New writers are coming on board all the time, and even the older names are still writing, and the quality of some the works being produced is encouraging, even though there is also a lot of improvement to do, but one expect that some will be very good, some will be good, some will be not too good, and some will be bad.”
When Okome Onookome had to say something on the growth of African literature, he said it was definitely growing.
“Nigeria Literature is doing well, as far as I can tell,” he said. “African Literature is doing well, but I think that Nigeria Literature stands out. I can give the example of Canada, where I have been for the past four years, …


This programme held on February 18 at Terra Kulture Lagos, when YPI, Young Professionals Impact, collaborated with Crown Troupe and Terra Kulture for the Bukhateria show.
While I am a part of YPI, I also covered the event and reported for my paper, National Mirror, and this was how it appeared in the paper.

When people gathered to enjoy the performances of stage artistes on the third Sunday of the month of February, it was more than just entertainment that was happening. It was also new hopes for some children somewhere. It was an evening that saw the ‘Crown Troupe of Africa’ mount the stage again, as they have always done on the third Sundays of every month. Bukhateria No. 12 was more than the usual Bukhateria because the original organizers where joined by Young Professionals Impact (YPI). The audience came prepared for an evening of exciting performances, and where not disappointed as one artiste to the other succeeded in inviting reasonable applause from the audience. The show began…

The Sound of Your Voice

It was more than the sound of your voice
That vibrated in the innermost
Chambers of my heart
As the echoes refused to seize.

I looked forward to seeing you again
Wondering what you really were like
Because when we met
I didn’t take notice really.

There was something alike
That emanated from you to me
Later I knew it was
Our same nature of mind.

As always my head
Began its many fantasies
And I wish not
Because I fear that road.

Twice I took it
And twice I went in deeply
And twice I was wounded

Now you are before me
As I peep through a window
Into your mind
And I fear, I fear.

I fear of digging deep
I might have the strength not
But everywhere I turn now
I hear the sound of your voice.

December 2006


Published in National Mirror in 2006

Music in Nigeria today is big business, but it isn’t that easy. Success doesn’t depend on talents alone, but good management, good looks, luck, among others. While lots of male artistes of this generation are making waves, the female artistes are still coming up and trying to catch up. What’s more, it isn’t easy for them.
Niyola is another addition to the ever increasing number of artistes in the industry, and already she is attracting a lot of commendation. With good looks and a good voice, the artiste who is currently with ‘Westside Music’ Label, is set to storm the music scene with her debut album. Recently, she spoke with Uzezi Ekere on her music and what people should expect.

As an artiste, you are known as Niyola. What is your full name?
I am Eniola Akinbo from Ile-Isha, Osun state.

How long have you been in the music industry?
Well, I started singing at a very young age, but I got into the industry in 2000. Professionally, I started singing in 200…

At Last

At last I can access my blog. I was so miserable always trying to sign in and never getting on. And this unfortunate accident happened when yours truly decided to switch to the new blog. Still looks the same to me anyway.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to be back! So smile with me.